Review | Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Control face scrub

So this review will be on the Neutrogena visibly clear spot control face scrub. I previousely used the Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit daily scrub, and the results were amazing – I had soft, clear skin which people complimented! You can view full details here on the Boots website:

But anyway, I fancied a change and so I bought this one. I kept to the same brand of Neutrogena as it’s one of my favourites for skin care but also because it was the same as my previous face scrub. I have been using it for about a week and can see some similarities and differences. I use a pea sized amount as it lathers up quite easily, and lasts for ages at 150ml.                                            IMG_20141114_064124

Smell: I have to admit that the reason I loved the first scrub so much was because of the delicate but fruitful smell of grapefruit which made me want to use it. This one, however, has a very contrasting smell. You have to smell it as it’s one of those indescribable scents, but I would say it’s slightly minty, yet refreshing. To be honest and open, I didn’t like the smell the first day or two of trying it but I suppose that would be expected seeing as I was so used to the fruitful scent of the grapefruit facial scrub. However, after a week now I really do like the refreshing scent, yet woulden’t recoomend it if you really can’t stand mint or ocean like scents, or if you prefer fruity or floral scents.

Effects: The effects on my skin was fairly the same as the previous one. It removes dirt and helps clear clogged pores and really refreshes your face, unlike some facial scrubs. You really do feel fresh faced and cleansed after usage. I guess the only difference is that this one claims to maintain ‘spot control’, though many of the Neutrogena products aim for the same thing, and the grapefruit one does the same, so this is nothing new. My skin feels so soft and smooth after using it each time, and it’s one of those things you need after you’ve just had a face of make-up!

Price: It’s available in major drugstores like Boots and Superdrug for under £5 and even shops like Asda and Tesco, where I got mine on sale for £2.33! To be fair, I would buy it for more anyway as it will last beyond months.

Overall I would recommend it if you want clear, soft skin with lasting results. #TeamNeutrogena

You can view it here on the Boots website :

Bushra xxx



Here is a poem I wrote about the media which I thought I’d share:)


We see, yet are deceived,

We dream, yet cannot believe,

Is our capability of imagination not enough for us to perceive?

The illusion we consume is a mix of lies, propaganda, not a drop of truth,

You see one half in which you dwell in,

But the other half is overtaken,

By forms of medium that are confined to one vision,

To see the youth brainwashed,

To see them incapable of grasping their inner heart,

That precious mark, where beauty sparks,

You can set your own barriers, but can you choose who is the carrier?

To take that to another platform,

It’s YOU.

To get away from the spoon-fed of make – belief,

That conspiracy of lies,

All that stand between you and the takeover is a matter of time,

Conjure your near future for yourself,

Who stole your purity?

Who robbed you of the ability to taste freedom?

To research beyond and retrieve your inner wisdom,

Look. LOOK. Stand aside.

You were taken in the minute you read that very first line.

You were taken in the minute you stepped outside.

Never mind.

What you assume may be enriched with lies.


Let me know your thoughts:)



I will be uploading a video about my take on the media and what they conceal this week on my Youtube channel ‘BushraSpeaks’ 🙂 Please subscribe and follow me on twitter @BushraSpeaks ! 🙂


Bushra xxx