As the world focuses it’s attention on the many political controversies of our time, we are forgetting the millions of beautiful lives which are disappearing from the surface of our planet as we know it. Despite decades of progressiveness, the world currently faces the ‘worst humanitarian crisis since 1945’, according to the UN, with billions required to combat the famine somalia faminedeclared in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, with countries like Yemen on the brink of it. Many of these developing nations are also, unsurprisingly  war stricken nations which is serving as a major stumbling block to the lives, let alone health of over twenty million facing famine, and therefore imminent death.

There seems to be the resources to fund destructive proxy wars worldwide, redundant defensive systems and to silently prop up those that clearly violate basic principles of human rights, but not enough to ensure that our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity can at least have emergency aid? Many non governmental organisations are doing this, but they can only have so much influence on the situation as a whole. Those responsible for giving a free pass to conflict in Yemen for example must put their self-interest behind and save the innocent civilians stuck in the midst of it. It is civilians that always pay the price.

War, poverty, lack of access to industralisation, and climate change (yes, President Trump) are creating a never-ending cycle of starvation and eventual famine. Let us be their voice and demand the allocation of the world resources. Continue to donate what you can. An incredible campaign is the LOVE ARMY FOR SOMALIA:, who have amazingly convinced Turkish Airlines to use their flights for tonnes of lifesaving aid to Somalia. So beautiful!


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World leaders should be ashamed of the lack of diplomacy and co-operation, as well as the clear struggle to find common ground on defining who the opposition is in Syria which has translated to the current situation – Syria’s imminent destruction. The politics behind the war has become irrelevant when you see it for what it now is – an aimless battleground in main_900which civilians have become the number one victim. Over 4 million civilians have been killed, with hospitals and schools turned into bloodbaths due to the aggressive air strikes against loosely defined territory.

My heart truly goes out to the thousands who remain, with many filming their last goodbyes to truly demonstrate the ignorance of powerful world leaders who have failed to use their influence in forcing a solution in the name of humanity. Throughout the four years of this conflict, we have prayed/donated/viewed the situation from the comfort of our screens, expecting a forthcoming solution. Many have protested. Many have even volunteered to provide aid abroad. But here we are. The UN predicted that Aleppo would be inhabitable by Christmas and here we are. It’s unfortunate that as citizens, our appeals to those in power can be met with great ignorance and expectation that we apparently don’t understand conflict from a insider governmental perspective. I’ve always found that ironic as I’m pretty sure that the innocent Syrian civilians who have nothing to do with this proxy war of either side understand that IT IS CIVILIANS WHO TAKE THE LARGEST HIT OF THE CONFLICT. Their lives are casually being taken in the hundreds for the uncertainty that a couple of terrorists may live in ‘that area’. The ideology of barbaric terror groups such as Daesh must be fought, not with guns or bombs, but with education, reconstruction and through a greater understanding and engagement of Syrians who want to live and breathe the once pure air of a prosperous, thriving Syria.

Although many of us currently feel disillusioned and helpless, the most important thing right now is to hear their cries, petition governments and speak out. But whatever we do, we must never forget them….

SIGN these petitions to the British government, urging immediate aid drops, even if it’s the only thing you do:

Air-drop life saving aid into the starving cities in Syria



Terrorism in 2016 #NotInMyName

I thought I’d make a post showing solidarity with the victims of not only the recent attacks in Iraq, Bangladesh, the United States, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France, but in the rest of the world, where more terror attacks than the media has shown us have occurred simply in 2016. Amongst those who have been victims this year include: Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Gaza, Syria, Nigeria, Russia, Libya, Tunisia, Thailand, Sudan, India, Congo, Burundi, Germany, Bahrain, Niger.

I’m in no doubt that there are far more countries that have experienced some form of loss as a result of heartless souls who turn to terrorism to fulfill their twisted agendas. I don’t want to even think about the number of deaths and causalities they have amounted to over the years. Just reading the list of countries makes me so upset, as this is only referring to 2016, where terror attacks or some form of disruption caused by humans seems to have become the norm, which is so sad for the future generation to grow up in.notinmyname

The list of countries who have suffered just goes to show that no place is truly safe from these attacks, and while some countries have suffered considerably more, particularly where terrorism is far more normal than in the West, every single life lost is a tragedy, no matter their race, religion or background. Terrorism on any grounds is repulsive, whether it be for political or religious justifications. It has always horrified me that terror groups such as IS, who, in my disgust, pleasantly take responsibility for many of these attacks, having no clear regard for humanity.

While words won’t make a major difference in undoing the endless pain that the families of the victims will continue to suffer from their losses, I think it’s important to let the world know that the vast majority of Muslims stand with you in horror at their barbarism and solidarity always, as they continuously to target indiscriminately, killing both Muslims and non Muslims alike. The very thought that God demands the death of his people is absolutely absurd – their so called ‘jihad’ refers to a just war in a battlefield, with serving soldiers, NOT civilians. They continue to use religion as a scapegoat for some of their politicized aims which is why this sudden surge of the trend of ‘Islamism’ is on it’s rise. As so called ‘Muslims’, they have broken every rule of God.

As opposed to  feeding to the stereotypes and misunderstandings that occur, ALL good people, no matter their caste or creed must unite to defeat this phenomenon of terrorism, which has been seen to occur from lone wolf attacks to being part of a larger network, from terrorists of completely different backgrounds, such as in Bangladesh with the shooting of foreigners at a popular cafe in Dhaka, where the attackers were found to be very rich, and in other instances where some were not religious at all. Whatever the reasoning, terrorism is terrorism and we MUST fight it together before it continues it’s gains in a divided society.

#NotInMyName #PrayForHumanity

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Bushra x

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Once again, a surge of terrorist attacks have taken place across the globe in France, Lebanon and Iraq, which sadly shadow the countless terror attacks earlier this year, including the Charlie Hebdo attacks, as well as the suicide bombings in mosques in Kuwait and Sanaa. Again, referring t379222_img650x420_img650x420_cropo Paris, the attack seemed heavily politically motivated in an apparent response to Syrian airstrikes, and the suicide bombings were both against Shia Muslims simply practicing their interpretation of their faith. The bombing at the funeral in the Mosque in Baghdad killed 19, with 41 deaths at least in the incident of Beirut and 129 in Paris. Reactions are just as equal to my reactions in recent attacks which I’ve passed grievances too – the feeling of distraught and pain for the grieving families but also anger and the feeling of absolute intolerance to the perpetrators, regardless of whether they are affiliated to an Islamist terror group or not.

It not only hurts and upsets m_86660606_86660603e that these terrorists, who clearly are not right in the head have once again hidden behind and disturbed the name of a religion that 1.6 billion cherish, but the fact that they have some form of twisted logic which makes them think that innocent people, regardless of the political situation or what a certain government is doing, should be dragged into a conflict that they have no affiliation to. This is certainly a type of terrorism which is difficult to explain as these people selfishly kill harmless beings to feed their perverted and twisted interpretation of Islam (in fact, what’s left of it) and then have the nerve to destroy Islamic history, some of which is attributed to the Prophets, as well as kill people of their own apparent religion at a funeral IN a Mosque! It is upsetting that the people stuck in the middle of the conflicts always suffer the most, most probably as they have nothing to do with the conflict, and therefore the most vulnerable. It’s devastating how 129 Parisians were killed enjoying themselves, while 19 Shia Muslims were killed at the worst state – at a funeral, as well as countless killed in prayer. It can’t be denied that it makes you think that there is more to these terrorists than we are led to believe.

My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of these abhorrent attacks, which are likened to killing the whole of humanity, in the words of the Quraan. You will not be forgotten. A world in which we can put religious, political, racial and any other divisional factors aside will be a world more valued and loved. It is my deepest regret that innocent souls continue to unfairly pay the price of them. Terrorism has no affiliation with any of these factors, but rather come from people who are unlike the true upholders and protectors of these factors. And if it wasn’t loud enough, for whatever reason, or clear enough, then I, on behalf of over a billion of Muslims condemn these attacks and always will. Before anything else, I am a human and will ALWAYS be in solidarity with the victims of any attack, regardless of who they are. This goes without saying and to be honest, should not even have to be said. I may be Muslim, but I am also human. RIP, citizens of humanity ❤

#PrayForHumanity #PrayForParis #PrayForBeirut #PrayForBaghdad #UnificationNotDivision

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I haven’t posted in about a week, because I’ve been quite busy, but something that is in the news right now is the Chapel Hill Shootings, where three Muslims were shot, apparently over a ‘parking space’. I would say in most cases religion is absolutely not important when innocents die. When an innocent person is killed, whether they be Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist, whatever, innocent people are innocent people. However, in light of recent events, such as the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, and ISIS’s persecution of religious minorities, religion is important and this case simply brings reality back: MUSLIMS ARE KILLED IN ATTACKS, as VICTIMS. It was even seen in the Charlie Hebdo massacre recently, when a Muslim police officer was shot first, and a Muslim helped victims to survive by hiding them during the attack. There is a clear 150211-barakat-yusor-razan-jsw-852a_448d1550491c2a68cc4cb35492ea7cd2differentiation between ‘Muslim’ extremists and Muslims.

What I find amusing is that I see these extremists as going against the doctrines of Islam and therefore not Islamic. However, likewise, they would view me as a non Muslim simply for standing out against their twisted agenda. Their cruel form of Islam. A distortion of a text followed by 1.6 billion. My point is that there is a clear difference. We have become so used to the media defining groups of people as one cult, rather than as individuals. It has gotten to the point where every case has to be looked at; we can’t stereotype or generalize by smearing people away. There is a serious problem with fanatics of all religions using religion as a weapon, rather than for the positive foundations it was built upon, and they must be dealt with. That will NEVER happen with ridiculous comments I’ve read like ‘ALL MUSLIMS SHOULD BE WIPED OUT’ or ‘JEWS ARE SCUM’. Comments that start with ‘ALL Muslims are…. (or all Jews, Christians, etc) are so ridiculous, it’s worrying for humanity. I don’t even bother to read them as they are so uneducated and vague. They are not comments of someone who wants to have a structured and rational debate on the core of these problems, such as extremism. Christians are dying at the hands of ISIS, and being oppressed in the name of politics, despite Muslims living side by side with them previously. The same is happening to Jews everyday; they are being oppressed for their religious beliefs. And the same to Muslims, who are dying at the hands of Muslims themselves. It is disgusting to assume and assign a KILLER to the same sect as INNOCENTS.  Religion is faith, not an excuse for atrocities. Likewise, lack of religion is not an excuse to ridicule others just for their belief.The whole idea of extremism is complex; I will do a post on this! But back to the story, I personally believe that the parking space issue is not the core of why it happened.

“The media does not represent America. The media represents 2 percent of America who owns money and influence. If a Muslim commits a crime, it’s on the news 24/7 for two months. When we are executed in numbers, it’s on the news for seconds.” – quote of the father

This man was an Atheist,and so he will not be assigned to any religious group, and therefore, by a lot of people, excused. Why? Because to some people, if they are not assigned to a religious group or sect, then there is no group to blame as whole, and therefore nothing to make a fuss about. Something that bigots seem to be a fan of. Something that seems to spark such hate attacks. If a Muslim were to commit the same, disgusting act, it would be terrorism. No arguments. There is still a debate as to whether this was a HATE CRIME. I mean.. HELLO?! Even nutjobs don’t shoot three people over a parking space; there must be something to this.

We all belong to one race: THE HUMAN RACE. Something like this should NEVER divide people of different faiths, but rather, unite them. There are fanatics and normal, decent people. Those are the ones that, if put together, have more power to change the planet than any group of fanatics will ever have.

RIP to the victims, RIP to the innocents killed everyday x

Bushra xx

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So yesterday I watched the devastating events of thecoexist1Sydney Siege as they unfolded – where innocent citizens at a Lindt cafe were subjected to 16 hours of being kept hostage, and with shots being fired, wounding and killing two civilians. It was heart breaking to watch as the events unfolded, and as predicted, it was some loonatic committing disgusting acts in the name of Islam, who absolutely does not represent the morals and values of the majority of Muslims in Australia and around the world. I found it crazy that he could even be associated with Islam, considering his acts of torture and terror goes against the values expected to be upheld by Muslims.

Whoever kills a soul, it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely’


He was, like many terror creating beings, a dangerous creation of the wrongful grooming into Islamic Extremism. Some people tend to uphold a very deliberate and extremist interpretation of Islam. The fact that he was holding a flag with the Arabic translation of ‘There is none worthy of worship but God’ meant nothing – his actions proved that this was man that should’ve been locked up, as he had committed many other unlawful acts before, and was a clearly a man not willing to change.

However, there will always be some bigot who will use this headline as a reason to spread hatred amongst Muslims and the public, as seen with many events before. The fact that thousands of Australians went to twitter to spread the #IllRideWithYou hashtag, after a woman founded it when a Muslim woman took her headscarf off and began to cry because of the hate attacks immediately afterwards was heart warming, but most importantly, a sign that the unification of Muslims who want to simply co-exist peacefully with their fellow citizens is a bond much stronger, and a much better defense than any other terror act will ever be. It also signifies that peace will always dominate bigotry, and that those who wish to spread harm and terror upon others have no place there. Unification will always beat isolation and discrimination! ❤

My deepest compassions go out to the innocent lives lost, and to their families as they grieve. RIP ❤

#SpreadLOVE #StopHATE


Bushra x