Lush Products REVIEW! | Soap, bath bomb + massage bar

I got some lush products for my birthday a few months back, and have used them for a long time (they are my favourites!) and so I’m going to review the ones I have 🙂 Lush is one of my favourite stores for body products. I love the blend of different fruity and minty scents when you enter, and the packaging is the best! They are also not tested on animals and made with natural ingredients, rather than chemicals which are a bonus! And I have realised that all of the products I got are all pink, which is my favourite colour!

Lush online:



The Godmother Soap:

Price: £3.10/100gthe godmother soap

This soap stood out because of the attractive purple – pink colour to it, but when I actually smelt it, it stood out from the rest. It has a sweet, fresh and fruity smell to it, which is perfect if you don’t like minty scents. The cost, £3.10 for 100g is a bargain as the soap lathers well but doesn’t use up much, and so it lasts for ages! The price is reasonable for the size of 100g and I will definitely be trying different ones, as the variety means there’s one for everyone! I’ve still got mine after four months, and it’s still going strong. It can be used for hands or body, and it gives that sense of cleansiness after usage. The fact that it’s made with 100% natural ingredients means it doesn’t irritate your skin, like some do with chemicals in them. It’s much healthier than pump soaps!

Think Pink Bath Bomb:

£2.65 each Think pink bath bomb

This bath bomb is all about pink! It looks great with the decorative flowers added on, and as it dissolves, your bath tub fills with rice paper pink hearts, giving ultimate relaxation and joy! The scent is indescribable – it’s full of vanilla, fruit and joy, and very floral, adding to that sense of femininity. I love how your bath tub turns completely pink and the scent uplifts the entire bathroom. It’s perfect if you just want to be relaxed after a day of stress, and at £2.65, it’s one of the more cheaper bath bombs, yet looks one of the best in my opinion!

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar:

£5.75 each

This massage bar smells amazing – it’s very uplifting and has a real scent of strawberry, without being too overpowering, but I wouldn’t recommend this one if you’re not into fruity scents, though it isn’t overly Strawberry feels foreverstrong. You’re supposed to rest it on your skin for a couple of seconds to allow it to melt in with the warmth of your skin, and then lather it easily onto the rest of your body, but this takes a bit of time. It does feel really oily at first, which may be some people’s worst nightmare of a massage bar, but it absorbs into your skin fairly quickly and is extremely moisturizing and relaxing. Like Lush’s soaps, it lasts a long time, as not much product is used on each usage. It’s perfect after a warm bath! At £5.75, it did feel a little pricy to regularly buy, though the fact that it lasts such an incredibly long time means it’s worth it in the long run.