As the world focuses it’s attention on the many political controversies of our time, we are forgetting the millions of beautiful lives which are disappearing from the surface of our planet as we know it. Despite decades of progressiveness, the world currently faces the ‘worst humanitarian crisis since 1945’, according to the UN, with billions required to combat the famine somalia faminedeclared in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, with countries like Yemen on the brink of it. Many of these developing nations are also, unsurprisingly  war stricken nations which is serving as a major stumbling block to the lives, let alone health of over twenty million facing famine, and therefore imminent death.

There seems to be the resources to fund destructive proxy wars worldwide, redundant defensive systems and to silently prop up those that clearly violate basic principles of human rights, but not enough to ensure that our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity can at least have emergency aid? Many non governmental organisations are doing this, but they can only have so much influence on the situation as a whole. Those responsible for giving a free pass to conflict in Yemen for example must put their self-interest behind and save the innocent civilians stuck in the midst of it. It is civilians that always pay the price.

War, poverty, lack of access to industralisation, and climate change (yes, President Trump) are creating a never-ending cycle of starvation and eventual famine. Let us be their voice and demand the allocation of the world resources. Continue to donate what you can. An incredible campaign is the LOVE ARMY FOR SOMALIA:, who have amazingly convinced Turkish Airlines to use their flights for tonnes of lifesaving aid to Somalia. So beautiful!


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It’s been agees since I last posted so I thought I’d return with a post wishing all Muslims Rüyada-Kuranı-Kerim-Görmek-1across the globe a very HAPPY AND GLORIOUS EID! The holy month of Ramadan is over, in which so many Muslims grasped the opportunity to spiritually reflect on themselves, as well as become conscious of the little things we do in daily life. While the month appears to have flown past for many, it’s important to remember that it’s not been the case for those living in war struck and poverty ridden countries. The month there has also been a struggle. Thankfully, this year so many people strived to make extra donations to aid their breaking of the fast. The month has also seen many recent terror attacks, such as the ones in Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, and even Medina, at the heart of the Prophet Muhammad’s home, which is something totally unprecedented in a month where empathy, tolerance and sanctuary is expected and rewarded. And so my heart goes out especially to those people suffering everywhere, whether it be due to poverty, war,or having lost a loved one. May God make your experience full of ease ❤



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HUMAN RIGHTS not privileges!

Human rights. A list of 30 points which includes liberty and the right to freedom of expression, conscience, Human-rights-picturejustice, thought and religion, as well as the right to not be discriminated and to be treated as an equal, just like any other citizen of the planet. It’s something we are all entitled to and was re-established after major losses in the World Wars, where the United Nations, an intergovernmental organization, was established to promote international co-operation and above all, human rights. After all, we all deserve to be treated with upmost dignity and respect, as well as equal rights in order to be able to achieve what we want without fear of not being accepted.
However, they don’t just mean personal rights such as freedom of movement and the right to not face any form of persecution, which is often taken for granted in first world countries, because we know they are there and enforced by the law  and although not always fairly, and not always accepted by some, we know we can protest and reject unfair notions against us. They also stretch out to not only us, but those in developing and third world countries who are denied this international agreement, 2013-12-11-HumanRightsDayPhotoCapeTownMagazine.comwhich most don’t even know about – on the basis of corruption. As long as someone out there is not being given full justice or dignity as a human, then we all are not truly free. It could easily be you next, Despite wars being fought against rulers such as Hitler, who killed millions of Jews on the basis of who they were and denied them, alongside many others their basic rights, as well as countries existing such as America who were built and born on freedom, human rights are still abused by many countries across the globe. There are leaders who are not even democratically elected or wanted and abuse their peoples freedoms and rights, which in my opinion is an insult to the people. If you are not providing what the people want with equal opportunities for all, you have no right to run the country. People are being killed and ethnically cleansed on the basis of skin colour or religion, refugees are escaping their countries in a bid to escape mass corruption and wars, girls are being denied education and treated as commodities, as well as freedom of expression being a crime in many countries.  Why? Because human rights, undoubtedly something that we value and see as a strength of our freedom we deserve as a citizen of this earth are only words on a paper and there is no real way of enforcing them. During theFlags world wars, the League of Nations, another version of the United Nations enforced sanctions and collective security, though the countries that abused the treaty would simply leave and unite with a country that was either not in the LON, or was not prepared to give up their diplomatic ties and all on the basis of what?

U.N. logo pattern a press conference background at the United Nations headquarters, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013.   (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Human rights. As sad as it is, abuse of human rights is often given a blind eye by some world leaders, who, as grim as this sounds, seem to value their materialistic gains far more than the legacy that we live on – to value rights we all deserve. No – one should feel scared, or unsafe but it is the reality today in war zones, and places where exploitation of people are given a blind eye. And the sad thing? So many people don’t even know the rights they are entitled to no matter where they are or who they are on the basis of education, which is ironically one of their rights, too.

We are all humans, entitled to free will and speech, as long as we are not harming anyone, but who gives us the right to question or dictate and even forcibly dictate someones life? Change truly does begin with us, and by enforcing and not taking our rights for granted, but rather accepting them as always there, we can make a difference in our personal lives and the way we live. Because if we can all adopt the acceptance of someone no matter their skin, religion, ethnicity, background, age, gender, or past, we can truly spread this energy to those parts of the word which are deprived of it. it must be a joint effort. A HUMAN EFFORT.

If human rights remain simply words on a paper and not made a reality, people will continue to turn a blind eye and that’s all they will remain….

Thanks for reading, this one was a bit deep as I watched something recently on the deprival of human rights and it’s something I’m determined to see change as it makes me really feel for those who suffer! 😦

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Bushra x

HAPPY NEW YEAR! | bushrajalilblog

There is still a good six hours to go before the New Year truly begins in the UK, marked by the always spectacular yearly fireworks display in London. However, firework celebrations have already begun in many countries such as Australia and Taiwan, so I’d like to take this as my last blog post of 2014 and wish you all a happy, safe animagesd blessed new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This has been my first year of blogging, and as coincidental as this sounds, I first opened my blog on the 1st of January 2013! I guess I wanted to do it as a new start to the year, even though I only actually wrote on it regularly several months in. Who would’ve believed that I would make it to the end of the year? I doubt I kept any resolutions I made last year (as most of us do!) and so I thought I’d share not my resolutions for the year, but my wishes for the year, to the rest of the world. As much as the New Year is a time of celebration, the atrocities committed in the past year, and as recently as the last month or so were devastating. This leads me on to my biggest wish ever – to see peace on Earth!! It’s said again and again every year, but that simply highlights how important it is. The best way to defeat war is through love! So many people die and suffer at the hands of those who have justified their actions in the name of religion, politics and greed. Another dream is to see religions peacefully co-exist, like it should always be. The core of every religion is love, which is what connects them all. The foundations of their teachings are morals and love so the fact that people abuse this is heartbreaking and a real insult to those who are going through such hardships where religion may be all they have ❤

Becoming a better person in every way you can is truly beneficial to you and the world. A person of genuine peace and kindness is reflected like the sun’s rays through their personality, and this generates positivity to those who really need it.

Remember, peace starts with YOU. War and hatred starts and ends with US. Let’s not take it to 2015.

And, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make the most!

Peace, Bushra xxx

Like A Poisoned Child – Poem :)

This is a poem I wrote a while ago which was published in an anthology for Young Writers, which I thought I’d share as I love writing! It has a sort of ambiguous meaning but if you have any questions, let me know 🙂


Like a poisoned child, danger is your consumption,

Caught up in a maelstrom, you try to run,

Injected with a worrying touch of protestors – no fun.

A cohesive atmosphere which is beckoned and breaks,

And a spectrum of bold and bright illuminates,

Touches the marshmallow sky and gradually escapes,

An atmosphere of hope and euphoria flee the night sky,

Converts to crime, major lies and serious goodbyes,

As rainbows make their exit and suns depart,

All which is left is a world with a broken heart,

Too much of one thing and not enough peace,

Leaves many poor minds with bleeding and undeserved grief,

You shatter life, you tear worlds, you scorch the suns, and make the moons quench thirst,

So much despair fills the air,

Like justice was never born,

As the world takes a turn for the worse,

Like a midnight curse,

I hear the breaking of the world,

Glass shattered and a torn up living space,

Like a whirlpool of distortions,

Injustice flickers our lives into a gruelling amphitheatre of excursion,

The odyssey is grim; we must find our inner self,

A thick layer of bounty must conceal the bed of injustice,

To conjure up new lives for the better,

Because you didn’t care for a better world.



Bushra xxx



So I haven’t posted because of the ENORMOUS piles of school work 😦 But I’m back (at least for now!) and I thought I’d share a story I wrote for a competition which I didn’t think would go far, but I love writing and entered! I was ECSTATIC to find it’s in a shortlist of eight stories to pick three final winners to be published! Wish me luck:) x


There on the battlefield, he paced ahead, head raised high, with the only light occurring from the rigid sunlight, illuminating down on this needless game. Every movement indicated terror, muted from when the next death shall occur. That swift, yet slick gunshot, widely recognisable to all these daring, giving souls pounded once more. Over and over. Again and again. A life clasped like another would reappear and all would be forgiven. He ponders, his raspy, harsh breath passing on witness of the newly addition to the death parade. ‘That was someone’s child, parent, or friend. It could’ve been my child, parent, or my friend. My anything’. He exits, shuddering, resigning alongside the other troops to prepare for a blast of a riot on the arena. The thought of executing someone through your own will, triggered by mere brainwashing woke his mind. ‘Why am I here?’ his conscience bawled. The view of these baffled warriors led him to realise that they didn’t know themselves, yet continued to follow their Superior. The one who told them it was ok. Justifiable. Led them to follow like stranded sheep, whom needed to find their inner self. The blood thirsty trial was an excuse for them to participate in this conflict. His conscience grew wilder. Stronger. ‘I’m just a sheep, aren’t I? Following the shepherd’s orders. To benefit the farmer. In the end I am deprived of who I am. Who I can be. Who I should be. Not isolated from my mind and identity or my loved ones’. The sky grew rosy and warm. Such a beautiful vision, yet to be shattered by this wrecking disruption. In the midst, all is lost. He must. You must. Tear apart. Vanish from society. His precious premier moment on the front line? ‘Forget it’, he mutters. He didn’t realise his first was set to be tragic. He was standing right in the opposition’s zone. And was surely cornered.

Gunshots rocketed from the opposition to his needy defence. ‘I’m going to die’. His life shot past him in precise minutes, quickly forming the destiny he set. The world seemed to tensify and a sharp tear trickled down. A representation of this unworthy battle. In fear of his life, he commenced releasing the golden rifle, securely attached to his military suit.

By instinct, he slammed it down.

‘This isn’t me. Never was. Kill me all you want. You shall never retrieve my inner soul. This changes you, but me? I deny change. I will die now. Perhaps not the most peaceful death, but I didn’t do it. You did.’ And with this proficient thought, a gunshot fired through his head.


It may be slightly confusing so if you have any questions be sure to let me know! 

Bushra xxx



Peace. It’s seemingly complicated to completely explain the beauty and wonders of it in depth. But basically, humanity has never in the whole of history had a day of it. Wars, riots, discrimination – it all adds up. It’s vital to get that state of complete harmony, free of decay in the world – for the future generation to embrace. And without co – operation, we seem further by the day to this desired destination – peace. The disruption surrounding our world is absolutely unexplainable. The damage it causes, the pain it creates, innocent people being tortured and killed, and the needless hatred it sparks amongst races, religions and most importantly – the human race. Underneath, we are all the same. We grew from the same seed. Therefore, bear the same heart. We can be taught to hate, therefore can be taught to love. Love is much easier to be felt, taught and generated, so why can’t we begin to start creating everlasting peace? War and hatred starts and end with us. CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU. Who dictates our lives but ourselves? Get past what people tell you. Lies fed by media and government. Think for yourself, and find the truth. As the younger generation, it sickens me to think parents/older generation are passing on barbaric and unexplainable prejudice and judgement upon certain groups of people, only contributing to the mass war and hatred in this world. As a member of the younger generation, I feel it’s my duty to speak up and genuinely try and make a difference in this world….




Bushra x